Unidentified drinking injuries

Unidentified drinking injuries

So with the festive season looming the invites are coming in thick and fast for evening entertainment.

This has meant that I have been consuming my body weight in red wine. Not good for my health, physically or mentally. I cannot seem to get home without some kind of blacking out incident and injury. This Saturday night (dinner at friends, five lovely couples from the playground) I woke up to a grazed knee, what feels like a broken thumb (badly bruised at best) and three grazed knuckles on my left hand. None of which are conducive to my kickboxing four times a week.

So as I sit and type I seriously contemplate never drinking again, yet the temptation of a glass or 2 of red wine with my vegan M&S meal is just too much ignore.

The staying on track vegan wise has proven a little trickier. That said only 2 slips. One for my daughters birthday meal, she chose to have her birthday tea in our favourite Thai restaurant and the soft shell crab was too tempting. Then Saturday just passed was a delicious meal of pate for starters and lamb for main course. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Surprisingly for me I don’t feel overly guilty about it. I know that the benefits of veganism in respect of my digestion are proven. I see this two slips as just that, slips in the road. When I gave up smoking it took more than a few attempts. What I do need to focus on is trying different meals.

Back to my BOSH recipe book me thinks!

Chips, carrots and hospital visits

Chips, carrots and hospital visits

My Saturday night supper was a bit of a let down after all.  Fish and chip shop chips and a bag of carrots!

Low stocks at my local M&S lead to this lack lustre supper, however, the alternative would have been me selecting a non vegan meal and throwing away my commitment of the last two weeks.  So I savoured every chip and carrot that went into my mouth!

Sunday could have presented me with a challenge, however, we stumbled into Waitrose and I marvelled at their great vegan section. I will definitely be going back to grab a few bits for the freezer, mainly to avoid another Saturday night let down.

I did come away with three vegan pizzas on yellow label and their vegan cheese and onion rolls (not bad).

Visiting poorly Dad in hospital, who is hopefully coming home soon to then visit poorly Mother-in-law left me feeling like I would struggle with meal choices but it has actually been pretty manageable.  Whilst in Waitrose I bought some meatless mince and prepared a delicious spag bol using some leftover marinara sauce – it was a success!

This kickboxing vegan CAN

This kickboxing vegan CAN

I used to run to keep fit; I hated it.  It was a chore and a struggle get out of the door. I could very easily dissuade myself from running, a constant battle in my head, often talking to myself – hating every step.  I did it because I wanted to be healthy and set my children an example.  Plus I have had a hatred of my arse for as long as I can remember; it’s too fat, wobbly and covered in cellulite, I thought that running was the answer.

Thankfully I no longer run.  For the last two years I have been kickboxing.  Initially dragged along by a friend to take up the offer of a 3 class trial for £5.00 with boxing gloves thrown in.

I was immediately hooked!

A five minute warm up of running around followed by six, one minute rounds of burpees, sit ups, hill climbers etc.  Then the fun begins.  Three minute rounds of hitting the bags following set combos by the instructors.  The class lasts 60 minutes and I have never partaken in any exercise which makes me sweat so much.

So, now I go four times a week and love it not only for the physical benefits but mostly for the mental benefits too.

With a Dad going through chemo who has just contracted pneumonia this week and a wonderful mother-in-law who has very recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, two kids, a long suffering husband, and a full time job in sales, I need to keep a clear head as much as I can.

What I have noticed after exactly two weeks of being a vegan, is that I can train harder and gain better results on my Fitbit!

Now, what do I have for dinner tonight?

Any suggestions for a new vegan gratefully received……

Diets, eyes and blood

Diets, eyes and blood

Now it has been 12 days since I have been a vegan and I can honestly say that it is not as tricky as I thought.  I made a typical spontaneous purchase from Amazon and bought BOSH, what an amazing book this is.  Firstly, it makes this vegan thing look dead easy and let’s face it, it really is.

I have fallen victim to many diets over the last 20 odd years.  All of those household names you cannot avoid as a self conscious human – Slimming World was my first venture into the ‘diet’ world, who does not love a red or green day!

This was closely followed by Weight Watchers, very confusing.

SlimFast will only ever remind me of hunger pains (something I never felt on Slimming World).

Most recently I did try the 5:2 and Intermittent Fasting.  The reason being that they were reportedly good for reducing bloating (of which I feel I have been a life long sufferer of), lower blood pressure and improve weight loss.  Now healthy blood is something which is of huge importance to me since I was diagnosed with Sorsby Macular Dystrophy in 2013.  Sorsby is an autosomal dominant condition caused by a mutation in the TIMP3 gene.  Patients with this condition typically maintain normal acuity until their 40’s when they develop severe, bilateral choroidal neovascular membranes – in essence I will lose my sight.  Therefore it is clear that I will do anything I can to delay or avoid this happening.

The fasting was not too bad and I think that the discipline has put me in a good position for this vegan journey.

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And so it began

And so it began

The unexpected vegan

Who knew at 41 I would turn vegan. After constantly mocking vegans and vegetarians (including my veggie son) I decided to become a vegan.  What prompted this life changing decision I bet you are wondering; well, it was my bestest friend telling me about this programme on Netflix – The Game Changers (I still have not seen it).  

This friend of mine is a firm meat eater, in fact he doesn’t really care what he eats or drinks and I have witnessed some of the worst foods going into his mouth – scotch eggs, kebabs, bacon and egg sandwiches, lager, lager and more lager.  Pretty standard I am sure, also, the last person on this planet I would expect to tell me he would like to try being vegan twice a week!

This is great I thought, if he can be so enthusiastic about it there must be some truth in this.

So, since 2nd November 2019 I have been a Vegan!